Enjoy life – Love like you have never loved. Be happy in what you do!

Everyone needs a purpose – without a purpose there is no life! What do you enjoy? The simple things in life are what make most people happy. Don’t struggle Live a simple life and help people wherever you go.

Wake up in love with life – Do you feel like you are unhappy with your very existence? Make someone smile – even if its your dog, your children, anyone next to you! You will be surprised on what it does for you

Pay attention to everything you do. Why you do it and what effect it will have on you, your loved ones or anyone or animal in life. You can run around unfocused in a hurry and not even know that what you are doing effects everyone.

I was running around the house tonight before writing this article and noticed everything I do affects something. You are affected as your time is precious. You want to do whats best for everyone, buying something for dinner getting ready to cook- not recycling and wasting food. A few seconds worth of decisions could affect a lifetime. Some people go to bed hungry at night and you are throwing food away. If you don’t recycle you are killing the world for every generation after you. And this is only a few seconds that ONE person does! A few seconds of bad decisions can be a lifetime of suffering for everyone else.

Take a step back and enjoy life – enjoy your time no matter what you do! Whats the big hurry? Stop and smell the roses! Recycle like your life depended on it as someday it might!