Anticipation of a puppy…

Have you ever thought of getting a new puppy? The anticipation is incredible! Whether not you just lost a beloved dog or never had one before its very exciting! But there are many things to take into consideration. What dog is right for you? Do you have a large yard? Do you own a home? Do you have a fenced in yard? Some breeds need a lot of exercise and if you don’t give them the required exercise you will find he will tear your m=home apart!

Some pups don’t need a lot of exercise and are just happy to be in your presence. Do your homework first! Give yourself some time to prepare and make your home puppy friendly! Make sure there are not any small objects the pup might eat in your some. Create training is also a good idea. Make sure you don’t leave any choking hazards in the create. And make sure they get plenty of exercise when you are home!

Do you have younger kids? Make sure you find a pup that is good with children.

Check to make sure you feed them the right food and be sure to make your first vet visit to be sure your pup stays healthy!

More to come! Check back soon for additions to this article and any new articles!

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