North to Alaska

North to Alaska – Love Alaska! I traveled there in approximately 1999. Flew into Anchorage rented a car and first headed north toward Homer, Seward and the Kenai Fjords National Park.

Passing by Coopers Landing and Moose Pass.

My favorite spot was the Homer Spit at the Salty Dawg Saloon! Where all the locals hand out and every new visitor can add their dollar bill to the roof, wall or anywhere you would find a space- with your name signed on it! A fun option at the Homer Spit was Halabit fishing….if the weather was good! It wasn’t for us and we didnt want to chance it. Halibut is a really tasty whitefish …but not soo fond of the cheeks…you will get a chance to try FRESH Halibut Cheeks freshly caught from the fishing boat! Yuck! haha, Fishermen line the peers with their catch every day – smallest to largest. A lot of fun times!

Seward was great too. You can take a little ferry type vessel out and view glaciers – If they are still there – This was 20 years ago! How things change!

And we got to get some yummy COOKED halibt here too! More to follow….

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