Love to write?

Having trouble getting started?

When do you think best? Morning? Mid day? Night?

I think best when my mind is clear. Usually in the shower in the morning – whenever I don’t have a pen!

So bring your notepad in with you and jot down thoughts that come to your head…that’s right…even if you are in the shower and you have to step out to write!

Another good time to write for me is at night. I am writing this at night while my tub is filing!..As I watch it overflow! In fact…I have a notepad next to my tub of ideas that I think of every night…New Problem…I think of them and never write! Or too tied/lazt to write after I get out of the bath…So I am writing this right now – when the thought is fresh – It took me 5 mins or less to write this short post – That I can go back to later – or not- and fill in other details – or pics!

As I usually say- Just Do It!

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