Love Saratoga!

This weekend was the Travers. One of the busiest times for Saratoga. Planing on attending? Get ready for a large crowd! Wear your fancy hat and get ready to bet!

If you are looking for a place to stay, you better get this booked well in advance unless you want to spend top $$$$ We were lucky that night. My sister just happens to be a Hilton diamond club member with 6 million points! A hotel room that should have cost me $600 plus was only $200…Well – after I paid her $200 for using the points…still a steal!

We checked out Hattie’s…Love this place…Famous fried chicken to boot! Even catfish Soo good! Its a small hole in the wall place that you will not find parking for- especially during the Travers.

Not only that but Saratoga houses SPAC-” Saratoga Proformaning Arts Center” and this weekend Kiss had the End of the Road tour…YES! I went to that too…AMAZING!

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